The Future of Document Imaging and Electronic Document Management - Available Today !

Implementing an enterprise-class electronic imaging and document management solution for your organization has never been easier! Our revolutionary product, DocSurfer, is second to none. With DocSurfer, you will be able to build intuitive, multi-departmental electronic filing and retrieval solutions that allow your users and clients fast and secure access to the information they need. DocSurfer solves the problem of providing access to important documents, files, and scanned images quickly and securely using standard web browsers on the Internet, intranet or office networks

DocSurfer combines the technologies of imaging, workflow, document management and records management into a single powerful Web Application.

DocSurfer enables you to: 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Eliminate storage space
  • Reduce expenses 
  • Work remotely 
  • Enhance customer service 
  • Improve security 
  • Enable disaster recovery protection 
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Improve your competitiveness
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Technical Specifications

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Core Features & benefits

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