Transition from a paper-based to a less paper office
In a typical office, highly-paid employees spend hours searching and working on documents. The cost of recreating lost or misplaced documents is enormous. How many times have you walked to a file cabinet only to find that the document you were looking for was missing or sitting on some one else’s desk? DocSurfer virtually eliminates all of these problems. Use DocSurfer to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve employee  and customer satisfaction.
Access important documents anytime, from anywhere, using standard web browsers

When you use DocSurfer, documents are available when and where they are needed. A solution based on a browser, such as Internet Explorer, is the only practical way to accomplish such results. Documents are available to remote employees, sales staff, or even a client with authorized access across the country. From these different locations, DocSurfer users can view and access the same document simultaneously. But browser-based does not mean that DocSurfer is only an internet application: it can run on a small office network.
Supports all electronic file types
DocSurfer can store any file type: scanned documents, images, word-processing documents, spreadsheets, engineering diagrams, GIS files, x-rays, electronic signatures – these are just a few examples of the kinds of files stored in DocSurfer.
Quickly find documents with powerful search options
Look in a cabinet and folder for the documents you need, search for documents by keywords, notes and other fields or combination of fields, or search for documents by the content of the document itself. DocSurfer automatically indexes all the words in documents such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, e-mails, text files, and even scanned documents by taking advantage of optical character recognition technology (OCR); therefore all your critical information is available for immediate search and retrieval. Scanned documents are kept intact and maintain their original format.
Organize documents the way you already do 
Cabinets contain folders; folders contain documents. Staff Members either have a key to a filing cabinet, or they don’t. It’s true for your filing cabinets and it’s true for DocSurfer’s electronic filing cabinets. This is a proven, familiar, and practical method of filing documents in any organization. While other solutions may try to convince you otherwise, or try to make you change the way you already work, DocSurfer enables you to transition to a virtual electronic filing environment that matches your paper-based filing system in no time at all. Due to the rich functionality available in DocSurfer, you can take advantage of many tasks that once seemed impossible in a manual filing system.
Easily copy or move documents from one cabinet to another
When a draft document becomes a final version, it can simply be copied from a working cabinet to a published cabinet. When a sale is closed, and a prospect becomes a customer, the information can be easily moved from one place to another. These and comparable copies or moves of documents that occur in your business are simple in DocSurfer.
Simple, easy-to-understand, and practical document workflow capabilities
DocSurfer offers a familiar and proven method of document workflow capabilities that matches your desk and office environment. DocSurfer’s user In-Trays and Out-Trays enable you to forward documents with optional attached notes for further review or processing by other users.
Minimal user training
DocSurfer is rich in features, but very easy to use and understand. The DocSurfer user interface has been carefully designed so everyone in your office can take advantage of its feature and capabilities. Confusing drop downs menus or pop-up windows have been kept to a minimum. Most people learn DocSurfer in a matter of minutes.
The most comprehensive document tracking and version control
DocSurfer easily enables tracking of documents and versions within a cabinet. DocSurfer allows check-out and check-in functions, automatically logs access, tracks versions, and keeps copies of your documents for easy search and retrieval or to rollback to an earlier version of a document. Once a document is finalized you can easily move it into production. All previous versions are available if you need them.
Easily add notes or cross-references to documents
Notes, keywords or cross-references can be added to documents when they are filed or at any other time. With DocSurfer’s user-defined fields, you can define additional fields to meet specific needs of your business. All of these fields are instantly available for searching.
Control user access to documents
Just as some of your cabinets may be in a secure location or kept locked, DocSurfer lets you apply the security you need for your documents. Users see what they are authorized to see. Searches only bring back authorized results: confidential and private documents stay that way because unauthorized users don’t even know they are there.
Disaster recovery
DocSurfer can fit into your existing disaster recovery plan or help you get started with one. Industry analysts estimate that 80-90% of corporate information is recorded in paper documents only. Electronic copies of your documents can be backed-up or stored on- or off-site so your critical corporate information is never lost.
Email or fax documents directly from DocSurfer

DocSurfer helps you save money on printing and reproduction costs by emailing or faxing documents to one or multiple contacts. Many customers realize their return on investment on this feature alone. Personal and company contacts and mailing lists are easily maintained, and can be automatically imported from popular email programs.
Self-service for customers or prospects
DocSurfer makes customer or product information available for self-service, freeing your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) from time-consuming requests for information. Your customers are happy because they get what they want, when they want it. Your CSRs can be more responsive to customer needs that truly require their attention.
Local or remote scanning and filing
Attach a scanner directly to DocSurfer or scan from a branch office into the DocSurfer system at the head office and with DocSurfer’s web-based technology, one is as simple as the other. 
Create user-defined fields for specific departmental filing
User-defined fields let you easily capture the specific information your business needs: patient or client name or number, case or product IDs, drawing or diagram number – DocSurfer supports multiple user-defined fields for each cabinet. User-defined fields are available for all cabinet searches.
Customizable for a specific industry or application use

With user-defined fields you can easily customize DocSurfer to meet your specific filing and searching needs.
Easy-to-use browser-based administration
All functionality in DocSurfer is browser-based with both end-users and administrators using the same browser interface. Of course, end-users never see the administrator functions.
Comprehensive auditing and log files
As documents are loaded into DocSurfer, are accessed (downloaded, copied, forwarded, emailed, or faxed), become outdated and are archived, DocSurfer logs each use of the document – who had access, when they had it, what they did with it. Your DocSurfer administrator, or any authorized user can easily review audit logs.
Scaled for the workgroup, department or enterprise
 One of the members of the DocSurfer product family can meet the needs of an organization of any size. The same core functionality is available in all versions.
Built-in application, operating, and file system security
We developed DocSurfer with the security of Microsoft NT and application level security. This powerful combination protects your data from unauthorized users, and lets you grant the access you determine is appropriate for each user. DocSurfer’s security can be enhanced by the simple addition of encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
Easy and fast implementation and deployment
Whether you select a software-only version of DocSurfer or a turnkey hardware/software version, DocSurfer is quick to implement. Because DocSurfer is browser-based, there is no intrusive client software to install, no rollout project, and none of the lost productivity associated with them.
Designed for fast access and high-volume usage
DocSurfer has been designed to keep you and your colleagues productive. Searches return the information you need quickly, and let you share it with others when you need to. Millions of pages and documents can be stored in DocSurfer.