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Fast Reliable Secure

Don’t let your processes get slowed down by sluggish user interfaces and inefficient architecture of a poorly designed application.

High performance is designed into every aspect of DocSurfer, from a user interface design optimized for fast access, to a streamlined technology infrastructure and protocols that outruns every off-the-shelf alternatives.

Reliability is not a feature that can be tacked on to software - it has to be infused into the product at every stage of its creation, through intelligent engineering and an uncompromising development methodology.

The electronic management of documents has many advantages over physically storing folders and boxes of paper documents. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for barriers and techniques that protect confidential content from unauthorized access.

DocSurfer takes security as seriously as you do, starting with rigorous user authentication technology that leverages your existing security infrastructure for the critical log-in process.

DocSurfer is built to today’s standards and aligns perfectly with any modern IT requirements.  

Cloud Ready 

Because DocSurfer is a true browser based Web application it can fit perfectly with your cloud computing strategy.

DocSurfer can be configured and delivered using several different delivery methods to cover all the deployment bases: 

  • Off-premises (in the cloud)
  • On-premises (at your organization)
  • Hybrid-configuration with the database hosted on-premises while the application is hosted in the cloud 

DocSurfer's n-tier, service-oriented architecture can be composed of web clients, application server, database server and file storage/vaulting server, all based entirely on standard Internet protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS, XML and SOAP. DocSurfer's application framework is implemented on the Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server platforms.

The goal of course is to get your application live ASAP. We offer various solutions for cloud hosting:

  • Private Cloud: run DocSurfer behind your own firewall on your own servers.
  • Public Cloud: use virtual deployment scenario for optimal flexibility.
  • Dedicated Hosting: dedicated server hosting anywhere for high-availability and performance scenario’s.
DocSurfer has built in security from the ground up and a world-class professional services and support team to meet your unique infrastructure needs.

 System Requirements  

Operating System

Windows 2003/2008 Operting Server 32bit or 64bit  


MS SQL Server - All versions are supported
SQL Express Editions - (included free with download)

Web Server IIS 6 or IIS 7 (included free with windows )
Application Code Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)
ASP .net Framework 2.0 or above

Disk space required

500 MB for DocSurfer application;  20 GB HDD or higher for document storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) & RAID devices


Email Server

Any MAPI-compliant mail server

Number of users supported

Unlimited based on licenses, configured storage

Number of documents

Unlimited based on configured storage & product suite (approximately 500,000 scanned pages per 60 GB)

Document sources

High-speed scanners, desktop scanners, file uploads, FAX, e-mail, copier machines, print import, and remote file transfer (FTP)

File encryption


Supported File Types All