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Document Management
 Software Ever Created

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Implementing an enterprise-class electronic imaging and document management solution for your organization has never been easier. Our revolutionary product, DocSurfer, is second to none. DocSurfer will allow you to build intuitive, multi-departmental electronic filing and retrieval solutions that enable your users and clients fast and secure access to the information they need. DocSurfer solves the problem of providing access to important documents, files, and scanned images quickly and securely using standard web browsers on the Internet, intranet or office networks.

Gain a competitive advantage using DocSurfer

Modernize and leverage cutting edge technology to empower your employees.

DocSurfer, originally designed and used by departments within large corporations is now available for any size company. Simply contact us and we will provide you with the best product option for your organization size.

DocSurfer is powerful, easy to use and fast

Provide your employees a resource, not a chore.

There is simply nothing else in the market that is as easy-to-use and more powerful than DocSurfer. DocSurfer combines the technologies of imaging, workflow, document management and records management into a single powerful application. Unlike most DMS’s that require you to change your processes in order to manage your documents, DocSurfer enables you to transition to a virtual electronic filing environment that matches your paper-based filing system in no time at all. Due to the rich functionality available in DocSurfer, you can take advantage of many tasks that once seemed impossible in a manual filing system. 

DocSurfer is completely browser-based and private-cloud ready

Take control of your enterprise data eliminating cyberattacks and security breaches.

In a public cloud, a third-party supervises the data systems of your organization. While in a private cloud, you have all your hardware on-premise. So, your organization has total control over your important documents and data.

Quickly increase productivity within 
your organization

Transition from a paper-based to a paperless office

In a typical office, highly-paid employees spend hours searching and working on documents. The cost of recreating lost or misplaced documents is enormous. How many times have you walked to a file cabinet only to find that the document you were looking for was missing or sitting on someone else’s desk? DocSurfer virtually eliminates all these problems.